• Mobile and Enterprise Software Development

    Atomizer Software has experience in developing enterprise and mobile software solutions.

    Application Development

    Either hardware specific (iPhone/Android) or web based, Atomizer Software can work with you to deliver the application you want.

  • HTML5/CSS3/Javascript

    Atomizer Software specializes in the cutting edge web technologies that are redefining the internet experience.



PriceIt is an iPhone application for facilitating trades.


Currently under development, Animatronic is an educational game aimed to teach young adults programming. Animatronic is built on the latest web technologies to maximize hardware capabilities and support. Current beta release date is scheduled for Fall 2012.


Key Members

John Kelvie

Founder, Managing Principal

John has extensive enterprise design and system architecture experience with excellent marketing instincts. He has held numerous C-level positions and was founder and chief architect of Overture Technologies. He holds a Bachelors of Arts from Duke University.

Michael Myers

Co-founder, Principal

Michael comes from a multidisciplinary engineering background with experience in designing the hardware and also the software to run it. He has experience building out new and creative uses for the internet in web applications. He holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Virginia.